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Our Process

Our team process at Financial Concepts is designed to facilitate your decision-making and bring clarity and guidance to your financial picture.

  • We Listen - The process begins and ends with you, your needs and wants. We will listen carefully to learn what you believe is most important, your personal goals, values and priorities.
  • We Learn - We will ask you to gather for our review, current investment account statements, tax returns, estate documents, insurance policies and other important documents. This information, combined with our understanding of your key values gathered through our discussions with you, will enable our team to focus on the critical questions and solutions for your unique situation.
  • We Guide - Our team carefully evaluates all appropriate plans, strategies and alternative courses of action best suited to your financial position. Financial Concepts will then prepare a report containing our initial recommendations in each critical area: investments, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance, tax matters, and financial decision-making.
  • We Implement - A plan is of little use unless implemented. Financial Concepts will promptly do its part to help put your program with us in place and work with your other advisors to help implement all aspects of your unique plan.
  • We Monitor - Financial Concepts will diligently monitor and discuss the plan with you after it is put into place. We will set regular review sessions to stay on top of any changes occurring in your life, the law or in the markets that can affect your plan. You have a team helping you when working with Financial Concepts.