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Our Services

Your needs will vary as you and your family move through the different stages of life. Our services are customized, integrated and driven by a fundamental mission: to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

Financial Planning
Financial Concepts will diligently monitor and discuss the plan with you after it is put into place. We will set regular review sessions to stay on top of any changes occurring in your life, the law or in the markets that can affect your plan. You have a team helping you when working with Financial Concepts.

Retirement Planning
The road to financial independence begins with a sound retirement plan. We believe retirement planning involves personal and financial guidance before and during your retirement years. Often, it is during your retirement years that many critical decisions are required by you and your advisors.

Financial Concepts will give you the ongoing guidance you need, using our financial expertise to assess your current and future resources, and design action plans to capitalize on retirement plan accumulations while acting to reduce taxation of distributions.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is about giving what you have to whom you want, when you want and in a way that is consistent with your values. Clarity of these issues is a critical piece of the estate planning process. We will help you identify the results you want before focusing on the tools to use.

Financial Concepts will work closely with your other advisors to analyze your needs and wants. We do this to help coordinate the successful conclusion of your estate plan and will also provide periodic reviews to keep your plans on track.

Multi-Generational Planning
The ability to shift income and assets between generations to reduce taxes and maximize wealth is an often overlooked aspect of financial and estate planning. We encourage and assist effective communication between generations that can multiply the benefits of your important planning efforts.

Business Planning
Financial Concepts will help you utilize your business entities to augment your financial and estate planning. A variety of strategies can be used to foster tax-efficient results of income and asset transfers between businesses, owners, managers and their families.

Asset Management
Financial Concepts uses a variety of proprietary processes and disciplines to manage client assets on a fee basis and independent of any specific product provider. Our process involves customizing an appropriate asset mix coupled with researched manager selection and portfolio monitoring. Our approach delivers an open architecture portfolio that can be strategically adjusted and tactically rotated as market conditions warrant. Because of this sophisticated approach we provide discretionary investment management with these accounts. As a fiduciary we must legally do what we feel is in the best interest of our clients without obligations to investment product providers.

Alternative Investments
Financial Concepts recognizes that certain situations require investments outside the publicly listed equity and fixed income markets. When appropriate, we are able to develop investment strategies to improve diversity and lower the correlation to the equity markets. We regularly review opportunities which include managed futures, private equity, venture capital, real estate and commodities. Our investment committee will help analyze and determine the appropriate use, if any, in your financial, retirement and estate planning.